Healing Church praises
from The Humanitarian Church  

Hello Everyone,


What a great event at the Healing Church in Quincy, Massachusetts on Sunday!

The Humanitarian Church and Pastor Rob presented the Whole Food Plant Based Diet and Lifestyle to over 100 Parishioners after Sunday Services in the auditorium.

The staff was wonderful, they provided not only foods such as rice, oats, berries and veggies, but also the kitchen appliances that people would need to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle.

They even made several vegan dishes for the parishioners to sample along with smoothies and bread.

Parishioners were reactive, involved and interested in how to make the change for themselves and their families.

We even had people commit on the spot to never eating animals ever again!!!! That is a SUCCESS!

We have been invited back to conduct an all day event where associated Pastors from all of the affiliated Churches in Massachusetts will be invited to learn how they too bring health to their communities!

Many thanks to the Healing Church and Pastor John!


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