New Year Resolution
from The Humanitarian Church  


Dear friends,


As the New Year begins I think it is a good time to renew our commitments to our faith publicly so as to strengthen our devotion. As an Ebionite believer, I do follow the tenants of poverty, vegetarianism, celibacy, following the Ten Commandments, and honoring our Lord Jesus Christ and serving our community.


I shall again donate 90% of my income to the Church, keeping $10,000 for my personal needs.


I shall again commit that no animal meat or animal product shall pass my lips, nor any liquor, nor any illegal drugs, nor anything known to be deleterious to the body such as sugar, white flour, highly processed food stuffs, juice and table salt.


When I awake each day I shall thank the Lord for the life he has given me and shall endeavor each day to do the work which He has bestowed upon me to do.


Each day I will exercise my body and mind so as to keep the body and mind fit to do His work.


Each day I shall beg for forgiveness of my sins and pray for the strength to not sin again and for the strength and life to continue to serve the Lord our God, Jesus Christ.


Each day I shall continue to serve community and endeavor to find ways that help others and the Creation of Earth and the Creatures God has placed here in our dominion.


Each day I shall endeavor to seek truth and to spread the word of God to all.


Each day I shall endeavor to speak the truth at all times and point out any and all untruths that I may find that harm others or God's creation and His creatures.


Each day I shall endeavor to put Jesus Christ first before any needs that I may have.


Each day I shall endeavor to live a life so that I may be judged by any and all that may know my acts.


Each day I shall endeavor to to be non violent.


Each day I shall endeavor to be the healthiest in mind, spirit and body as one can be so that the Spirit within may dwell in the Holiest of Temples.


Each day I shall endeavor to not be lazy, gluttonous or slovenly in my ways.


Each day I shall endeavor to be celibate until such time as I take a wife.


Each day I shall endeavor to speak only truth, with out swearing or taking the Lord's name in vain.


Each day I shall endeavor to look inwards so as to become a better being.


That I shall review this commitment regularly.


These things I do in the Honor of God and my belief in Jesus Christ our Savior and the Holy Spirit.




Rob Munro

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