Welcome to The Humanitarian Church

We are strict vegans and promote being vegan as a way of life and as the path to heaven.

We believe firmly that the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" literally means thou shalt not kill and includes killing animals for any purpose and therefore consuming animal protein is a sin.

God’s creatures are good and are not made to subserve in any way, and when they do, the creation groans with us. We have chosen to give our lives in the service of Our Lord to end the oppression of animals.

Our Mission:

To introduce the Whole Food Plant Based Diet to impoverished, unhealthy communities throughout the United States so as to provide freedom from illness, oppression via dependency on the medical community and cease the consumption of animal products so as to honor the commandment, “THOU SHALT NOT KILL”


“Vegan for life: ours, yours and theirs.” Ours, living without illness and disease and honoring Our Lord and His creation, yours because we help the environment we all live in and theirs because animals do not want to be dinner and should never be abused. 

Animals Slaughtered:

Number of animals killed in the world by the fishing, meat, dairy and egg industries, since you opened this webpage.

0 marine animals
0 chickens
0 ducks
0 pigs
0 rabbits
0 turkeys
0 geese
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0 goats
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