Torment and Torture
Sermons from The Humanitarian Church

Read and written by Pastor Rob Munro with the help of Jonathan Edwardsí words.

Consider this: That you are the witness of the type of suffering of the most extreme torment that
the human art can invent, that the human power can inflict with nothing that the tormented could
do to save oneself, nothing one could do to stop the torturer from his intended deeds. It would
seem that every human being would strive to end such suffering at every possible turn. Yet what
is he when he sees this abuse if he were to turn a blind eye and look away not even speaking
out, not even stepping in, not to intercede with even a breath, what then would you think of such
a person as this who would have a heart so cold, so hard, you would be ashamed to even know
such a being, yet what then would you say to that being that would witness such cruelty, such a
dreadful, inexpressible, inconceivable depth of misery that a person could inflict to the poor
creature such as this who is he then to stand idly by to allow such torment and torture and nary
say a word about it, we would think less than nothing of that being not even the dust swept off of
the floor, nothing that he could ever be, nothing that he would become, nothing that he would
ever be proud of if, he were to turn a blind eye to such a terrible event such as this. We would
loathe such a being and dread him to death.

What would you say, what would you do when you hear the cry for mercy from the tormented
soul, the shriek in vain, the suffering of misery, what would you do what would you say, would
you turn a blind eye and walk away, surely you realize your day will soon come that your own
dolorous cries and shrieks may go unanswered, so then would you stand up and stop the
tormenter to save your own skin? Because if you do not you will be next, your blood will be
spent your bones crushed and you will be treaded upon like the mire and the muck. On the least
we would all agree you would despise the tormenter you would hate the torturer you would wish
he go to hell and die a terrible death. You would pray for it, you would pay for it, you would rise
up and demand it, you would immediately if possible shackle the torturer, you see him as the
devil send him to the electric chair you would scream, how would you not.

We would all agree, every last one that a tormenter, torturer such as this should spend eternity
in hell. Send him to hell we would all rise up and scream and it would be just and right to send
such a person to the depths of misery for eternity.

Enjoy this thanksgiving I wish it your last with every bite of turkey that you take every morsel of
meat you swallow I and we that are of the faith see you as the tormenter the torturer, you are
loathed, despised and are despicable in our eyes, to think that someone would give thanks for
living and thanks with loved ones with one of Godís creatures on the table for all to eat makes
my heart sink of men, my only happiness is knowing that the devil has you and sees you as his
own and that your eternity shall be spent in the flames of hell.

To every meat eating person that walks this earth, beware, God is very angry with you more so
than many that have gone before you. That God hates you and he has you in the utmost of
contempt. That you are fit for nothing in his eyes but to be stricken down. You may not take
notice of this now but by and by you will become aware as your life is distinguished your hopes
become dashed, your loved ones become ill, your families suffer and it serves you right
because you know down deep killing is a sin, not a right, wether you do it yourself or the butcher
you pay.

Again I say because daily I pray that Godís vengeance comes upon you the day you least
expect just as the butcher puts the blade to the neck, Godís vengeance will strike you and you
will be dead. Your life and loved ones destroyed, lopped off at the head.

Give us this day our daily bread that the Lord be kind to those who awake, and to those who are
not then take their breath away as they would do unto others then do unto them, please dear Lord I pray.

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